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woman smiling with glassesWe're providing an unprecedented level of eye care, distinguished by unlimited visits and non-dilated eye exams

We're no longer satisfied running our optometry practice the way everyone is used to, hampered by the insurance companies' limitations. So, we've stepped outside the box.

We want you to come our Athens, TN eye doctors as often as you need, with no copays. We'll check your eye health with Optomap® instead of routine dilation. You'll enjoy a digital refraction for determining your glasses and contact lens prescriptions.

And we've made it all amazingly affordable so it works for everyone, whether you have vision insurance or not. Our patient-centered caring eye doctors are dedicated to providing you with the eye care you need and want in Athens, TN. 

Amazingly affordable Eye Care in Athens, TN

What if you could get unlimited eye exams and primary eye care for less than $100 a year? What if you could skip the dilation and get more advanced retina testing and not even have to pay for it? What if you could make your own decisions about your eye care?

Introducing: DIRECT EYE CARE!

Better eye care than "insurance" provides.

The truth is, you don't need "vision insurance" to afford an eye doctor or eye care. In fact, when it comes to your actual eye care services, vision plans cover nothing more than a portion of one routine vision exam per year. And that's not good enough.

We are not satisfied providing a routine eye exam and nothing more. Your eyes should receive much better care than that, and you don't need to pay extra for it!

The cornerstone of our Direct Eye Care model is our Membership plan. A year of our Direct Eye Care Membership is cheaper than a single, typical eye exam.

About Dr. Eric M. Selander

 - Liberty Eye Care

Consult our Athens, TN eye doctor Dr. Eric M. Selander, OD when you need eye examinations for glasses, contact lenses and disease detection. We are excited to provide retinal imaging at no additional fee! Put your confidence in our 20 plus years of extraordinary eye care experience.


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