Diabetes and Eye Health

The Importance of Eye Care for Diabetics

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions worldwide, including almost forty million Americans. Diabetes can cause complications in many areas of your health, but especially your eyes. People with diabetes can face a variety of eye issues, including diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataracts.

Diabetic Eye Care

It is also the number one cause of blindness for those between the ages of 20 and 74. Once your vision is lost, it cannot be recovered, so early detection of sight-threatening conditions is necessary. But there is good news! By searching for "optometrists near me," you can find a trusted optometrist, like our doctor, Eric M. Selander, OD in Athens, TN.

Early Detection is a Must

Your eyes change as you age, and eye exams become a more important part of saving your vision. Unfortunately, some eye diseases caused by diabetes, such as glaucoma, offer little to no symptoms until damage has been done. Our optometrist offers a variety of exams to help determine any changes in your vision and whether those changes are serious enough to require additional treatment.

Many people dread getting an annual exam because they expect to be dilated, and they may not be able to find anyone to drive them. For diabetics, we look for cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy (often caused by uncontrolled blood sugar), and macular degeneration.

To screen your retinas for any disorders, we use an alternative that is preferable to dilation: Optomap by Optos. This exam is among the latest in retinal imaging technology. Not only can we do this without dilating your eyes, but we also get a better look at your retina, with a 200 degree image.

We can also diagnose and treat dry eyes, ocular allergies, infections, strabismus and amblyopia, styes, floaters, and even foreign bodies in the eye. Having diabetes may mean your prescription for glasses or contacts changes more often. We can help with that, too!

How We Can Help

If you have diabetes, getting regular exams can help you discover and treat eye problems early. The sooner we know and start treatment, the better your chance of keeping your vision. Our eye doctor in Athens can perform several exams to check your eyes for potential problems. If you have diabetes and live in the Athens, TN, area, give us a call today at Liberty Eye Care to make an appointment with Dr. Selander to receive premium eye care.



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