Exploring Multifocal Contacts

For all of your vision problems and concerns, our team at Liberty Eye Care in Athens, TN, is here to help when you search for “optometrists near me” online. From prescribing the appropriate strength for glasses and contacts to conducting comprehensive eye exams, we ensure that your vision is as clear and healthy as possible. If you don’t like the prospect of glasses but need contacts that can handle more than one prescription, we may recommend multifocal contacts as a possible option for you.


What Are Multifocal Contact Lenses?

When looking for optometrists near you, it’s a good idea to know your options before coming to our office. If you’ve had multifocal glasses in the past, you may need to use multifocal contact lenses when switching to contacts. During one of our eye exams, we can determine whether you need them.

When Are Multifocal Contact Lenses Used?

We recommend multifocal lenses for those who could benefit from a smooth transition between their prescription for reading things up close and their prescription for viewing things at a distance. Similar to transition lenses, multifocal lenses are ideal for people whose vision changes depending on their proximity to an object or text.

Who Can Benefit from Multifocal Contact Lenses?

Anyone who has been prescribed multifocal lenses in the past can benefit from contact lenses with a similar function. If you don’t want to switch between multiple pairs of contact lenses, multifocal lenses can save you the hassle and expense of having more than one type of contact lens prescription. As long as we’ve prescribed or recommended multifocal contact lenses to you, you can rest assured they’ll be beneficial.

How to Get Multifocal Contact Lenses

To get these types of contact lenses, visit our office at Liberty Eye Care, your local team of optometrists. We will review your history of wearing glasses or contacts and perform eye exams to assess your current vision needs. After that, we’ll prescribe multifocal contact lenses if appropriate and make other recommendations for improving or preserving your eye health.

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To schedule an appointment, call our office at Liberty Eye Care in Athens, TN, today. We look forward to helping you achieve the best possible vision with the right contact lenses for your needs.



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