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Eyeglasses in Athens, TN

We understand that a good pair of eyeglasses is extremely important for your quality of life! To ensure that you get excellent glasses, we begin with a thorough exam and high-quality digital refraction. Whether you've got nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, or a combination of those conditions, we can provide you with an excellent corrective prescription. Our digital refraction makes the process smoother, allowing for an easy comparison of lenses; and the click of a button lets you see how your new prescription compares to your old one

Liberty Eye Care does not sell glasses, and so our recommendations are never influenced by a desire to make a sale. We are conveniently located next to the Walmart Vision Center where you can easily select and order glasses, but we are entirely independent from them. You are free to use your glasses prescription wherever you'd like, much like you would fill a medication prescription at the dispenser of your choice. We know our patients will be happy by seeing well, not by spending money on products that don't benefit them or are too expensive.

If you’ve recently been told that you need glasses, you may have some questions about glasses and what you should be looking for. Glasses can be functional and stylish and should make you feel comfortable enough to wear them often. They can greatly improve your life by not forcing you to squint or struggle to read the fine print in a book or on your phone, or to see TV or road signs clearly.

Contact lenses may also be an excellent alternative to glasses for you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Glasses

Q. What’s the difference between prescription glasses and an inexpensive pair from the drug store?

A. Prescription glasses utilize high quality lenses and are custom-made for your eyes; and they can be adjusted to sit comfortably on your face. Glasses that you can get from the drugstore may not last as long, the optical quality of the lenses is poorer, and they don’t focus for astigmatism. Especially if you have eyes with different prescriptions, over the counter glasses can cause headaches and strain on your eyes.

Q. What are some signs that someone might need glasses?

A. If you notice that you need to sit close to the TV or you’re holding a book very close or far from your face, it might mean that you need glasses. Your vision should be clear enough that you don’t need to squint or close one eye to see better. If you find that you start getting headaches and your eyes feel tired, it might be time to talk to us about getting glasses.

Q. How can I make my glasses last longer?

A. It’s important that you are properly cleaning your lenses and keeping them free of scratches and dirt. Lenses are never 100% scratch proof, so they require careful treatment. Never use paper products like tissues, or chemicals like alcohol or ammonia on prescription lenses, and always wet them before wiping them using a soft cotton cloth. You may also want to consider frames that have spring hinges that allow the temples to flex without breaking. You should also never sleep with your glasses so you can avoid breaking them.

If you have any other questions about glasses, feel free to reach out to us! Contact us at Liberty Eye Care in Athens, TN, at(423) 436-8972 with any questions you may have!



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