Direct Eye Care

We work for you, not for insurance companies

By freeing our practice from the limitations and regulations of insurance companies, we are able to provide eye care that extends far beyond the norm. The cornerstone of this care is our Direct Eye Care Membership plan.


The Direct Care Concept

You may be hearing about Direct Primary Care in the broader field of healthcare. The DPC model affords the patient access to their doctor for all primary care services by means of a simple, low, monthly fee. Since the doctor no longer has the overhead and administrative burden imposed by insurance, he or she can spend more time with patients, caring for their needs rather than satisfying the insurance company's demands, and reducing costs to patients at the same time. DPC has been gaining popularity with primary care physicians across the country, and we are excited to adopt a similar model, bringing Direct Eye Care to McMinn County.

Direct Eye Care

Membership means: you receive all of the primary eye care services we offer whenever you need them, at no additional cost, no copays! Annual comprehensive eye health and vision exams, Optomap® retina screenings, contact lens fittings, rechecks, office visits, and follow-ups are all included. You don't pay for individual visits or tests, so come see us whenever you need us!

Membership Fees:

    • One-time Enrollment Fee $65 (plus $25 for contact lens wearers). This covers you immediately for a comprehensive exam.
    • Monthly Fee $8 (plus $2 for contact lens wearers). This covers all primary eye care visits, including full exams and other care.

Memberships Include:

    • Unlimited comprehensive or routine eye exams
    • Optomap® retinal imaging
    • Contact lens fittings and followups (Contact Lens Plan)
    • Office visits for eye infection, allergies, injury, etc.
    • Vision testing for driver's license or employer
    • Prescription adjustments



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8:00 am - 5:00 pm


8:00 am - 3:30 pm


9:00 am - 6:00 pm


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