Contact Lens Exams for Clearer Vision

Contact Lenses In Athens, TN

Let Us Improve Your Vision With Contact Lenses

We depend on the latest contact lens technology to provide a healthy, affordable alternative to glasses. We offer a wide variety of contact lens choices that are comfortable, breathable, and convenient. And you always get to try the contacts in your real-world, daily routine before you need to purchase a supply!

Never worn contacts, but you're thinking about trying them? Dr. Selander is here to help! Switching from glasses to contact lenses may seem difficult initially, but you can master it with our expert guidance.

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Contact lenses are available for all of these needs:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia (the need for bifocals or reading glasses)
  • Daily Disposables
  • Overnight Wear
  • Cosmetic Tints

Direct Eye Care!

For a simple Direct Eye Care Membership fee, you receive all of the primary eye care services we offer whenever you need them, at no additional cost, no copays! Annual comprehensive eye health and vision exams, Optomap® retina screenings, contact lens fittings, rechecks, and unlimited office visits and follow-ups are all included. You don't pay for individual visits or tests, so come see us whenever you need us!

Be ready for your next contact exam! If You Are Ready For Contact Lens in Athens, TN, Contact Liberty Eye Care at (423) 793-7417
with any additional questions that you may have about what your eye doctor can do for you!

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