Daily vs. Monthly Contact Lenses

Eyeglass wearers often seek to add contact lenses to improve their vision, enhance their look, or increase flexibility in sports and daily activities. Many soft contact lens brands manufacture their lenses to offer a wider field of vision and options for prolonged wear. If you’re new to the world of soft contact lenses, choosing the best pair of contact lenses, which can include daily and monthly contact lenses, can be a daunting task. The good news is that professional optometrists at your local eye doctor’s office in Athens, TN, can help.

Contact Lens

What You Need to Know

Choosing between daily and monthly contact lenses can significantly impact your vision. Each type of lens offers unique features and value to different kinds of lens wearers. We explore some of the critical differences in daily vs. monthly contact lenses below. Liberty Eye Care highlights a few key differences between daily wear and monthly soft contact lenses below.

Replacement Timeframes

The most obvious difference between daily vs. monthly contact lenses is the length of wear. Daily contact lenses are designed to be worn only once and then thrown away. Monthly contact lenses can be worn for a full month before being discarded. Lens wearers who alternate between wearing glasses and contact lenses appreciate the flexibility that contact lenses offer. Find out more by visiting the best optometrists near you offering contact lens exams.

Cleaning and Convenience

People with busy schedules and hectic lives may prefer to wear daily contact lenses over monthly lenses, which need to be removed and cleaned daily. Daily contact lens wearers never have to worry about taking added steps to maintain their lenses, as cleaning is not usually required.

Cost Savings

Another bonus for daily contact lens wearers is that they don’t have to maintain cleaning solutions, contact lens cases, and related supplies on a monthly basis. Monthly contact lens wearers will need to maintain their lenses through daily cleaning with a recommended solution and keep their lenses safe by storing them in cases.

Vision Quality, Comfort, and Eye Health

One of the key differences between monthly and daily wear contact lenses is the likelihood of microbial contamination of the lenses. Contact lens wearers who choose long-wear lenses are more likely to develop this contamination, which can lead to issues with comfort and eye health.

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