What I Should Be Asking My Eye Doctor?

Eye health and vision are just as important as overall health. An effective way to maintain healthier eyes is by scheduling regular eye exams with an eye doctor. The optometrist can monitor your eyes for changes in vision and potential health issues so those things can be addressed early on before they have a chance to progress. Dr. Eric Selander is the board-certified eye doctor at Liberty Eye Care in Athens, TN. He can answer all your questions about how to best care for your eyes.

Eye Exams

One important question you should ask your eye doctor is how often you need an eye exam. Most people should see the eye doctor at our Athens, TN, eye care office at least once every year for an eye exam. Scheduling regular eye exams allows the doctor to detect changes in vision or eye health sooner rather than later. Treating problems right away can prevent them from getting worse or leading to additional issues.

Some patients might benefit from more frequent visits to the eye doctor, especially if dealing with an eye condition such as corneal or macular degeneration. Even if you are not due for an eye exam yet, it is always best to see your optometrist if you notice changes in your vision or are experiencing other eye problems. Changes in vision signal a potential need for prescription contacts or glasses. For patients who already wear contacts or glasses, vision changes could mean your prescription needs to be modified.

Another question to ask your eye doctor is what types of tests will be performed during the eye exam. At Liberty Eye Care, our team assesses complete eye health, including your risk for eye conditions that can lead to loss of vision. Some of the tests that might be performed during your eye exam include:

  • Objective and subjective digital refractions
  • Eye alignment, visual acuity, and the eye muscles
  • Eye pressure, visual fields, and pupil responses
  • Visual inspection of the parts of the eye (ophthalmoscopy)
  • Retina check without dilation using optomap

Prevention of Eye Problems

Another thing you should be asking your eye doctor is what steps you can take to help prevent eye problems and vision loss. Some simple steps you can to protect your eyes and promote better eye health include eating a balanced and healthy diet, reducing screen time, and wearing sunglasses or a hat when outdoors to protect your eyes from the sun.

Regular physical activity or exercise is another way to promote better eye health and reduce the risk of certain eye diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration. It is also helpful to wear protective eyewear when playing sports or working with certain tools, chemicals, or other dangerous items that could injure or harm your eyes. Limiting alcohol consumption and refraining from smoking also contribute to better eye health.

The are many things you can do to take care of your eyes, such as scheduling an eye exam every year. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Selander, the skilled and caring eye doctor at Liberty Eye Care in Athens, TN, call (423) 793-7417.

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