Are Contact Lenses Right For Me?

Have you been thinking about switching from eyeglasses to contact lenses? Your Athens, TN, optometrist, Dr. Eric Selander of Liberty Eye Care, can help you decide if contacts are a good option for you.

The benefits of wearing contact lenses

When you wear contact lenses, you won't have to worry about:

  • Your glasses sliding down your nose when you're exercising or fixing the sink
  • Your eyeglass lenses fogging up with masks or humidity
  • Trouble finding your blanket after a stroll on the beach
  • The hassle of switching between prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses on a sunny day
  • The need for adjustments when your eyeglass frames become too tight or loose.

 Because contact lenses are worn directly on your eye, they provide exceptional vision. In fact, you may notice that your vision is a little sharper when you use contact lenses versus wearing eyeglasses.

Are you a good candidate for contact lenses?

Most people can wear contact lenses. The lenses are a good choice whether you have myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) or astigmatism (a distortion in the cornea or lens that makes both near and far vision blurry). Contact lenses can even help you if you have presbyopia, an age-related condition that makes it difficult to read and see close objects.

We are happy to train you on contact lens handling and care! During your visit to our Athens, TN, optometry office, you'll learn a few tricks that will make it easy to put in and take out your lenses, in addition to receiving information about the best way to clean and store your lenses.

Modern contact lenses and proper treatment of dry eyes or allergies can make contact lens wear possible even if it's been problematic in the past.

Are you ready to try contact lenses? Call (423) 793-7417 to schedule an appointment with your optometrist in Athens, TN, Dr. Selander of Liberty Eye Care. 

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